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Cost of mobile phones used by ministerial staff

Information Released in Response to an FOI Request

Title Cost of mobile phones used by ministerial staff
Description Information on the cost of mobile phones used by ministerial staff
Publication Date February 18, 2009
Charge Free.

1) The total cost of work mobile phone bills used by ministerial staff for the years 2006-07 and 2007-08;

For 2006-2007, the total cost of mobile phone bills for ministerial staff was £34,505.73 (of which £14,816.09 was actual call usage). For 2007-2008, it was £36,030.12 (of which £16,246.26 was actual call usage).

Ministerial staff are often required to work out-of-hours and need mobile phones to carry out their duties. They are entitled to make personal calls from these mobiles and are responsible for paying for personal calls in full.

2) The total amount ministerial staff paid back for making personal calls from said phone bills;

Data on the repayment of call charges for personal calls is not readily available for any group of staff. Repayments are made by individuals at different times and are held in a general account used for all Scottish Government staff. Reporting from the accounting system (SEAS) does not provide us with the level of detail requested.

3) Details of the make and models of phones/PDAs and numbers of said devices issued to ministerial staff;

A total of 83 mobile phones/PDAs are used by Ministerial support staff. A range of makes and models from different manufactures are used including:

BlackBerry - Models 7290,7100, 7130,8700,8800,8310,8100

Mobiles - Motorola V3i,

Nokia 2300,2600,6030, 6280, E65, 6300, N95,

Sony Ericsson K610i, T290.