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Training Materials for Public Authorities

The Scottish Executive commissioned a package of training materials to assist Scottish public authorities in preparing for the introduction of Freedom of Information.

Each organisation will want to customise training of their staff as appropriate. However the materials will assist in providing overall consistency of approach when communicating messages about Freedom of Information.

The materials should be read in association with the training strategy developed by the Scottish Freedom of Information Implementation Group.

The training materials are in three parts

1. A leaflet template has been developed to provide general information about Freedom of information in Scotland. The template can be adapted by individual authorities to incorporate information relevant to the authority or sector. Guidance on how to use the template is incorporated.

2. An open learning workbook has been developed to provide detailed information about the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

3. Materials for trainers have also been developed. The Trainer's Pack includes a series of powerpoint presentations and speaking notes. The materials can be adapted for use by all Scottish public authorities.

The materials have been developed by Masons solicitors on behalf of the Scottish Executive. A cross public sector verification group has also been involved in the development of the materials.