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Organisations Affected

Core set of books

Organisations using SEAS and the Scottish Government main bank account - known as the core 'set of books' - will be directly affected by this rationalisation. This includes all of the core Scottish Government directorates and a number of non-core Agencies, Associated Departments, NDPBs and other bodies. See list below:

All Core Scottish Government departments

Scottish Public Pensions Agency (inc NHS and Teachers Pensions Schemes)

HM Inspectorate of Education

Social Work Inspection Agency

Communities Scotland

Office of the Scottish Charities Regulator

Scottish Building Standards Agency

Student Award Agency Scotland

Transport Scotland

Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland

Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland

Scottish Courts Service

Accountant in Bankruptcy

Scottish Agricultural Science Agency

Fisheries Research Services

Scottish Fisheries Protection Agency

General Register Office

National Archives of Scotland

Non-core set of books

There are other organisations using SEAS but classified as 'non-core set of books'. They will still have access to SEAS SSP catalogues and Purchase Order responsibility in the short term, although some are already on EASEbuy and have VISA GPC cards. All non-core organisations are free to opt-out of the new system if they wish, though we would recommend they take advantage of the benefits the rationalisation process will bring.

In the long term, the Government may have to introduce charges if it is necessary to maintain a separate purchasing system just for these bodies.

The organisations concerned are:

Scottish Parliament

Scotland Office

Risk Management Authority

Architecture and Design Scotland

Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission

Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care

Scottish Social Services Council

Organisations not on SEAS

There will be no impact to organisations not on the SEAS system.