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The Benefits

Benefits of the Rationalised System

It will save us money - purchases from EASEbuy catalogues are on average 1% cheaper. This will contribute towards our annual Efficient Government savings target of £600k, through reduced transaction time and value for money savings.

The new system should cut down on the amount of paperwork. Users will no longer have to fill in a separate approval slip for each invoice and then send it through the current slower process to SEAS teams.

It will rationalise and streamline the whole purchasing process under one system.

It will help users select the supplier offering best value for money.

Tracking and accounting of purchases will become much easier. EASEbuy automatically generates a unique Purchase Order (PO) number for each transaction. Suppliers in turn quote this purchase order number on their invoices - allowing for proper matching of purchase orders, receipts and invoices. We call this 3-way matching.

Purchasers ordering goods and services may not have to process the invoices for payment as at present. The intention is to establish a single 'clearing house' within FCSD Finance which will process all invoices (although there may be one or two exceptions). Purchasers in the main will therefore only be involved in the ordering and receipt of goods.This should improve payment performance; however purchasers will have to remember that a delay in receipting goods and services received could affect their payment performance.

It helps meet the Executive's Big Picture core priorities - particularly under 'Building the Best Business Practices'.

It helps meet Management Group's commitment from the 2005 Employee Survey to address issues on financial management.