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Training Needs


A training plan is in place to ensure all users have their training needs met before the new system goes live. Under the new system purchasing will in future be done either using EASEbuy or GPC. Many people across the Executive already use these - over 2000 have been trained in EASEbuy and almost 700 GPC cards are currently in use. If you are a new user of either of these purchasing tools, the following training is available.

EASEbuy Training

Training is already underway to ensure that all staff purchasing through EASEbuy are ready to operate the system by the 'go-live' date. New EASEbuy users fall into two groups - 'requisitioners' and 'approvers'. Requisitioners should book onto one of the regular EASEbuy training sessions usually held in Victoria Quay. Approvers are usually trained using written guidance.

New approvers do not have to attend a classroom based event. It is, however, a requirement before orders are approved on EASEbuy that approvers read and understand instructions issued by the SEAS / EASEbuy Training Team. Guidance material, a declaration form and a user form will be issued, and after completion staff will gain the necessary access to approve orders.

Government Procurement Card (GPC) Training

For each card we appoint a 'Card Holder' (to use the card), a 'Card Officer' (to ensure cards are not used inappropriately) and a 'Card Controller' (to carry out selective checks to minimise the risk of card misuse). For all three roles, most VISA GPC training is done by prospective users reading the guidance available at the link opposite, and signing a declaration that they have done so and understand the process and related requirements. Specific training can be arranged on request.

Further Details

More information about the training courses available and details about the VISA GPC Purchasing Card are available from the links opposite, or by sending an e-mail to the SEAS Training Inbox for a VISA GPC application form or to obtain further information at the following link


Details on the VISA GPC T & S Card (specific to travelling officers) can be obtained from;


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